Experiencing A Sump Pump Problem That Is Causing Water Damage To Your Home? Use An Emergency Plumbing Service

Posted on: 3 December 2019

Are you noticing a lot of water in your basement? If you have a sump pump installed but you are still dealing with puddles of water inside the basement after a storm, there is something wrong with the sump pump because it is not doing its job correctly. The reason you have the sump pump in the first place is to keep water from sitting and causing damage to your property. You should not have standing water in your basement, but if it is something you are experiencing, you will need to use an emergency plumbing service to quickly address the problem and handle it.

What Happens When the Sump Pump Is Not Working?

If the sump pump is not working, you will end up with water inside the home every time. As water collects in your basement, it can destroy the belongings that you have down there while taking a toll on the structure of your property. It leads to a lot of moisture in a basement that is likely dark and warm, which can cause mold to begin appearing in different spots, including on the walls and the floors. When the sump pump fails to operate efficiently, it can cause massive damage that will cost you more money.

What Would Cause It to Stop Working Right?

A sump pump could stop working because it was not properly maintained. When it has not been inspected or cleaned out for quite some time, a buildup can occur that prevents it from working. Dust can easily accumulate over time. When it does accumulate, it can prevent the sump pump from doing the job that it was intended to do, leading to an excessive amount of water in your basement. While dust is one cause of a malfunctioning sump pump, it can also stop working because something is wrong with your circuit breaker. 

Why Use an Emergency Plumbing Service?

A sump pump issue is serious enough for you to seek help from an emergency plumber. When you do not know what is wrong or why it is not working correctly, you need to let an expert have a look at everything. The plumber can inspect the sump pump, clean it out, and perform a reset to see if it starts working again. If you do not contact an emergency plumber, you are going to continue dealing with pools of water in the basement.

The sump pump is something that should work properly. When it is not working in the way that it is supposed to, water can accumulate in the basement and cause plenty of damage. You can prevent more damage by contacting an emergency plumbing service like Marv's Plumbing to help you take care of this issue.