Building A Business, Literally, From Your Own Garage: 7 Ways To Customize The Structure For Smashing Success

Posted on: 6 August 2019

The world's richest man, Jeff Bezos, began his business, Amazon, right out of his own garage, as did another very wealthy and successful individual, Bill Gates, of Microsoft stardom. If dreams of starting your own business, from the humble confines of your unused garage are filling your head, why not do something about it? Why not actually empty out that dusty garage and begin building the world's next great business? 

There shouldn't be much to stop you if you take into consideration the different ways you should customize this sacred space and use it to your advantage.

1. Raise The Floor To Create Livable Space

Even if you live in a warmer climate, you definitely want the height of the floor raised to allow for proper surfacing. That concrete should be insulated, then covered with something that makes walking (whether in bare feet or business shoes) comfortable.

2. Insulate The Walls And Ceiling

Your garage isn't likely insulated right now, but it will need to be. Can insulation be added over the existing walls and then covered up with drywall? That should be the easiest route; however, you'll need to check your specs with an official contractor to determine the best course of action for adding insulation on the ceiling as well.

3. Consider The Replacement For The Existing Garage Doors

Do you want a regular door for your new office, or perhaps patio doors, to use the existing holes from the garage doors? While this shouldn't be a complicating factor, it could add significantly to your costs. You'll need to decide on the main entrance/exit configuration, along with the removal of the garage doors and all the parts involved.

4. Create A Dynamic Floor Plan That's Highly Functional

Either using furniture or through construction, create a working environment that really motivates while serving a purpose. Do you need a separate area for bookkeeping and highly focused concentrating? Would a completely open space suit your needs? Talk the situation over with your contractor, including telling them exactly how you plan to use all of the space.

5. Decorate For Success With Minimal Distractions

While Mr. Bezos and Mr. Gates likely got by with nothing more than a geek calendar on the walls, you may want to add touches of elegance and beauty, to keep you inspired, as well as to impress any visitors or clients. Keep things simple, though, so nothing distracts you from the task at hand.

6. Talk HVAC And Plumbing With A Contractor Before You Begin

If you're not going to rely on the facilities in your house, have a serious discussion with the builders first. Adding plumbing will be expensive and complicated, but can, nonetheless, be accomplished. Extending the electricity, along with adding heating and cooling elements, should also be handled by a professional, for safety purposes and to keep the unit efficient and up to building codes.

7. Have A Plan B Lined Up For When You Outgrow Your Garage

Eventually, you may need to move out of your garage, just like the founders of Amazon and Microsoft did. That means it would be a good idea to have a backup plan for the garage if it won't be used by your business or for your vehicles.

Put your old garage to good use, by having it converted into an office or workshop that can facilitate all the wonderful aspirations swirling around in your mind. Contact some custom garage builders near you and tell them how you'd like your garage customized, then once the project is completed, get going on your new business right away.