3 Differences Between A Custom And Semi-Custom Home Build

Posted on: 24 November 2018

Instead of buying a home that is already built, you would prefer having your home built from scratch on a piece of property that you have handpicked. When you make this decision, you have a few options: you can go for a complete custom build or a semi-custom build. The difference between the two is pretty drastic, even though a lot of prospective homeowners see them as the same. Before you decide on either, it is best to get familiar with the differences so you make the best choice for your situation. Take a look at three of the primary differences between custom and semi-custom home builds. 

Semi-custom home builds are going to take less time. 

Custom home builds can be a little more time-consuming than a semi-custom build. The reason for this is, when you go with a completely custom build, you will be working with a designer to create everything from the overall layout of the house to the tiniest material details. With a semi-custom build, you will be offered several home designs to choose from, and then you will only work with the designer to make certain customizations, such as:

  • Flooring choices
  • Paint colors options
  • Siding material choices
  • Cabinetry layout choices
  • Closet placement choices

Semi-custom home builds can be a little less costly. 

When you work with a designer who has a preselected set of layouts to pick from, you are going to be utilizing less of their time. Plus, going with a familiar design is going to mean the most economical choices have already been made by the home designer. Therefore, semi-custom home builds are usually much less costly than a full-on custom build. This is one reason why the semi-custom home building process is often selected over a fully customized building project. 

Semi-custom home builds give you a little less control. 

You will have control over things like where specific walls should be situated in your home's design or whether or not you want a certain staircase with a semi-custom home build. However, drastic changes to the overall layout to the house are typically not going to be something you can do unless you go with a full-custom build. For example, if you want a proposed floorplan changed so all the rooms are positioned in a different area, this may not be something that can be done. The designers with a semi-custom project like to keep the layout of the house as close to the original plan as possible to avoid extra time and expenses. 

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