Three Common Types Of Damage Your Dock May Suffer

Posted on: 8 November 2017

When your boat dock suffers damages or other problems, you will have to take steps to repair it. Otherwise, you may find that your dock will be much more prone to suffering major structural problems. One of the best ways to help protect your dock against major damages will be to enhance your understanding of the types of problems that the dock may experience over the time that you own it.

Rotting Planks And Supports

If you own a wooden dock, the threat of important components rotting will always be a concern. If you find that some of the planks or supports are starting to rot, you will need to have the entire dock inspected. It can be possible for rot to be forming on difficult to see sections of the dock, which could allow it to worsen until there is a collapse. A good way of helping to slow the formation of rot is to regularly seal the dock and remove any growths that may form on it, such as moss, algae and barnacles.


Another major form of damage to a dock will be corrosion. While this problem may be the most obvious on docks that are made entirely out of metal, it can impact wooden docks as there will be metal components. Corrosion will often be fairly easy to spot as it will start to cause sections of the dock to turn red or orange. Unfortunately, those that are new to owning a dock will frequently assume that there is no way to address a corrosion problem. However, a professional dock repair service will likely be able to remove the layer of corrosion, and they may be able to prevent the corrosion from returning by applying a protective finish to the metal. By acting quickly, you can limit the amount of damage the corrosion will cause the dock, and this can provide important for limiting the total costs of these repairs.


Erosion can be another major problem for a dock. Depending on the terrain, the water conditions and the local weather patterns, it can be possible for large amounts of the soil around the dock to start to erode. Once this type of problem starts to develop, you can find that the dock will grow increasingly unstable. Eventually, sections of the dock that attach to the shore may completely collapse. When erosion is proving to be a major problem for your dock, you may need to install a retaining seawall as this will stop the erosion.

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