3 Things You Should Do Before Starting Your AC In The Spring

Posted on: 22 February 2017

If you live in a warmer climate, then you may be bringing out your air conditioner for the season in the spring rather than the early summer months. Before you plug in your unit and turn it on, make sure you do 3 things first to ensure you have cool air as long as you need it.

Have the AC unit serviced

You should always have your air conditioner serviced prior to starting it up every year. An HVAC service technician will inspect your appliance to make sure it is working properly. They will check the air filters (and likely replace them for you), check the levels of coolant for efficient cooling, and clean all debris from the fan so the air conditioner does not overheat. They will also plug in your unit to make sure it is blowing cool air the way it should and make adjustments or repairs as needed.

Choose the right room for operation

If you choose a room that is too small for your air conditioner to cool your home in, the unit may freeze and build ice on it. Choose a room that is too large, and the unit may overheat trying to manage the temperature in such a big area. Have an HVAC service technician show you where to place your AC unit or measure your rooms and match them to the BTUs assigned to the air conditioner you have to help you decide where to put it.

Place the unit at the right setting

The cooler you set your air conditioner, the more energy it will use to keep your home cool. It is a wise idea to set your air conditioner at a higher temperature (or turn it off) when you are not home to prevent the unit from overworking itself and to keep your energy bill lower. When you are home, set the thermostat at a few degrees cooler than the outdoors in the early spring, lowering the temps as the day wears warmer. Keep doors to the room closed to trap cool air in and prevent losing energy, which also allows the cool to escape.

You want to be ready to turn on your air conditioner as soon as it's warm enough outside to warrant it. When you have your air conditioner serviced, ask the HVAC technician things you can do to help prolong the life of your appliance so you can use it year after year without issue. Contact a company like Metro Air to learn more.