5 Options For Making Your Window Glass More Secure At Your Home Or Business

Posted on: 12 January 2017

Windows are generally a security risk. Older window glass can shatter easily. For a home or business, a window offers an easy path inside. The locking mechanisms of your windows can help, but the glass itself will always represent a point of entry.

The location of your windows also plays a large role in how much of a risk they represent. For example, a first floor window offers far more accessibility than windows that sit a level or two up. However, there are many things you can do to make your windows more secure in general.

1. Install Grilles on Your Windows

With bars or grilles over your windows, it won't matter if someone breaks the glass itself. Intruders still won't have access beyond the barrier. The bars can sit outside the window or inside the window. If you choose this option, avoid grilles that have large spaces between the bars. This option works well for businesses, but homeowners may consider them an eyesore.

2. Use Tints or Reflective Glass Films

If someone doesn't know what's on the other side of a window, they may think twice about trying to use it as a point of entry. One-sided tints will keep prying eyes from looking in, while allowing you an unobstructed view from the inside. Using a reflective film can help as well with the caveat that it works best during daylight. It works at night as well, but if there are lights turned on, then they become less effective in the dark.

3. Add Some Impact Resistant Security Film

There are other window films out there that actually make your windows stronger. These types of security films can also come as tinted or reflective, so you can combine strength with a lack of easy inside visibility.

4. Use Security Screens

A security screen works much like normal window screens. The difference is they're far stronger, as they're typically made of steel.

5. Upgrade to Impact Resistant Windows

Possibly the best option is to completely upgrade to strong, impact resistant glass windows. There are several options for safety or impact resistant glass.

Most of these fall under the category of "impact windows." Some are stronger than others or have greater effectiveness against one thing more than another. If you want to strengthen your home or business glass, you should speak with a contractor who knows impact windows such as Gulf Coast Builders Inc. They can help you choose the best option for your particular circumstances.