Maintain Your Yard With Regular Tree Trimming Services to Protect Your Roof and Prevent Costly Repairs

Posted on: 8 December 2016

Neglecting to have the trees in your yard trimmed regularly can lead to expensive roofing repair costs in the future, so it is important for home owners to hire tree trimming contractors to trim tree branches overhanging your roof. Generally, contractors recommend at least three feet of clearance between tree limbs and your roof; this prevents pests from leaping from branches onto your roof and ensures that the natural growth of tree limbs does not soon endanger your roof.

Overhanging Tree Limbs Are A Potential Roofing Catastrophe

When it comes to the integrity of your roof, the most pressing concern for tree trimming contractors are large, overhanging limbs. These tree limbs may easily weigh over two hundred pounds. Heavy wind, rain or snow can cause these limbs to snap and tumble down to your roof. In some cases, especially in cold weather when snow has already collected on the roof, a broken limb falling on your roof can collapse and destroy the entire roof. This is both incredibly expensive to repair and potentially dangerous to anyone inside the house at the time.

Small Branches Destroy Your Roof Over Time

Small branches may not seem like a problem, but during heavy winds they may be able to forcefully scratch the top of your roof. The asphalt tiles commonly used in roof construction are soft enough to be damaged severely, even by small branches. Left unattended, the constant scraping of small branches against your roof will cause severe structural damage. Over time, asphalt roofing tiles may be eventually ripped off of your roof entirely. Water intrusion as a result of gouged or missing tiles will slowly weaken the structure of your entire roof, as well as providing a growth vector for mold.

Vermin Use Tree Limbs To Invade Your Home

Tree limbs provide convenient access routes for pests such as squirrels and racoons to enter into your home. When these pests are searching for a place to nest, they may chew through drywall or insulation to gain access to your attic or crawlspaces. Not only will this increase your energy bills due to poor insulation, but it allows moisture to intrude into your home. This can lead to a possible infestation of mold, which is a potential health hazard.

A tree trimming contractor will assess your yard and take the requisite steps necessary to protect the integrity of your roof. Between large, overhanging limbs potentially destroying your roof, small branches wearing down your roof over time and pests using tree limbs to invade your home, the financial costs of neglecting to have tree limbs near your roof regularly trimmed easily outweigh the cost of regular maintenance from a tree trimming service.