Answers To Common Questions About Drain Fields

Posted on: 26 October 2016

The septic system that disposes of your home's wastewater is easily among the most important systems in your home. Yet, you may not have a well-developed understanding about the various components of these systems. In particular, learning the following few answers to questions about your system's drain field will provide you with a far better understanding about your system.

What Does The Drain Field Do?

The drain field is responsible for safely disposing of the water from the septic tank. Without the drain field, the water would come directly out of the septic tank, which could lead to standing pools of water and severe soil erosion. Typically, the drain field will be composed of a series of long pipes with small holes drilled into the sides. These holes will allow the water coming from the septic tank to easily drain into the soil.

How Will A Clogged Drain Field Be Repaired?

Clogs can be among the more common problems that a drain field will experience, and this issue can cause severe problems for your entire system. Once the drain field becomes clogged, septic water may start to back up into the home, which can be extremely unpleasant as well as damaging to the home. These clogs often form as a result of solid debris from the septic tank entering this network of piping. Once the drain field is clogged, it can only be repaired by excavating the soil around it and removing the compromised section of pipe.

Should You Use Additives To Prevent Clogs From Forming?

Due to the sizable expenses and disruptions involved with repairing clogged drain fields, you may want to take preventative steps to keep your system safe from this issue. To this end, you may consider using septic system additives. Unfortunately, these substances can severely disrupt the balance of bacteria in the septic system. When this occurs, the septic system may be far more likely to experience significant clogs as the bacteria may no longer be able to sufficiently break down the solid organic material that is in the system.

Caring for your septic system will require you to be fairly knowledgeable about the numerous components that are involved with allowing these systems to function. By appreciating the important role of the drain field, the complicated process of repairing drain field clogs as well as the hazards of using septic system additives, caring for this essential part of your house will be an easier task for you to do. For more information, contact companies like Hemley's Septic Tank Cleaning.