Upgrading Your Master Bath: Creating A Spa-Like Atmosphere

Posted on: 20 September 2016

Your master bathroom is your space to relax and get away from the stress of everyday life. If you are considering a bathroom remodel, here are a few things you can do to transform your master bathroom into your own personal spa retreat. With the help of your contractor, you can create a luxurious space you'll want to spend time in every day.

Separate Shower Enclosure

Instead of using a shower/tub combination, add a separate shower enclosure to your master bath. You can add one to a corner of the room if you have a smaller bathroom, or you can create a large enclosure for a more luxurious feel in a large space. Consider a few fancy upgrades, such as LED lighting or a waterfall shower head to make the shower even more enjoyable, and have your contractor add a bath seat for a bit of added comfort. Finish off this look with frameless glass doors for an upscale look.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Switch out your plain ceiling light for a variety of new lighting fixtures. A chandelier over the tub creates a rich look while adding soft lighting to the room, and sconces on either side of the vanity give the room an instant upgrade. You can also add recessed lighting to the shower enclosure to illuminate this area separately from the rest of the room.

Add Wall Shelving

To create a truly spa-like feel, you need to have plenty of fluffy towels, soaps and candles available. Adding shelving to your bathroom gives you a great way to display these items and keep them close at hand when you need them. You can add corner shelves to save space, or add a long line of shelving on the wall above the bathtub. Adding small shelves throughout the room for holding decorative accent pieces is another excellent option.

Add A Towel Warmer

No spa is complete without a towel warmer. Your contractor can install a towel warmer to replace a traditional towel rack, or you can purchase a free-standing floor unit you can move out of the way as needed. Be sure to place the towel warmer near your shelf of bath towels so you can quickly warm your towels ad washcloths before your bath or shower.

Use these ideas to create a luxurious spa escape for your home. Partner with your contractor (like South Jersey Glass & Door) for additional ideas you can use during your bath remodel to build the master bathroom of your dreams.