Two Reasons To Rely On A Professional Sump Pump Installation

Posted on: 8 August 2016

This is known as the DIY era. There are tutorials and other information available on the Internet that can help you perform a wealth of projects, including sump pump installation. Make sure you understand that just because you can do something on your own doesn't mean you should. It's fairly easy to make a number of mistakes that can be costly. Here are just a few of the reasons you want to rely on a professional for sump pump installation.  

Incorrect Check Valve Direction

All sump pumps have a check valve installed within them. The goal of this component is to ensure that water doesn't flow back into the pump, where it can cause permanent damage to the unit. How effective the valve is at accomplishing this goal depends on whether or not it is installed in the correct direction. If the valve is not placed in the proper position, it will actually cause the pump to intake water instead of directing it away from the pump.

In some cases, the check valve will have an arrow on it to denote which direction it should face; however, this is not always the case. The only foolproof way to avoid this mistake is to have proper knowledge of how the valve actually works. Only with this knowledge will an individual understand what direction it needs to be installed in.  

Poor Float Switch Placement

Sump pumps are not designed to operate when the water level is too low. If the pump operates with a low water level, the motor may overheat and sustain significant damage. The float switch works to avoid this type of scenario by monitoring the water level. If the water level reaches too low of a point, it forces the motor to automatically shut down.

Similar to the check valve, proper installation of the float switch is required to accomplish this goal. The float switch must not be installed in an area where there aren't any obstructions as installing the float switch too close to a structure doesn't allow the arm to properly float. When the float switch isn't able to float freely, it also won't be able to accurately measure the water level, which only increases your risk for costly motor damage and incorrect function of the sump pump.  

When you rely on a professional for installation, you avoid these and other mistakes. Make sure you are contacting a professional for this service.