4 Ways To Make Your Rental Property More Attractive To Potential Tenants

Posted on: 7 July 2016

A renter could view several apartments and homes in his or her quest to find the perfect place to live. As an owner of a rental property, you will have to compete with other rentals in the area. It is important that you take time to make your property more attractive to potential renters. Here are some ideas you can use to boost your property's attractiveness level. 

Convert Extra Space to a Bedroom

If your rental property has any extra space, such as a study, converting it into a bedroom can attract more people. In addition to this, you can even ask for more monthly rent. The addition of another bedroom could make the difference between limiting your options to singles and couples to families who are probably looking for long-term occupancy. 

Paint Your Rental Property

A fresh coat of paint can make even the dullest and oldest looking property appear to be more appealing. When painting, do not forget to include the exterior of the home or building. Avoid picking colors that are too trendy. You want to appeal to a wide range of potential tenants. If you stick with neutral colors, tenants are better able to visual themselves living there. 

Increase the Lighting

One of the most inexpensive ways you can draw in potential tenants is to add more lighting to your property. Exterior lighting helps it to standout to people passing by at night. More interior lighting helps to make the space feel larger and gives it a more upbeat appearance. Adding light can be as simple as leaving the curtains open during the day and using lamps strategically. 

Spend Time on the Lawn

Even if your property is in a good neighborhood and has great rates, a badly kept lawn can be a turnoff. Your lawn is the first chance you have to make a good impression on potential tenants. Weekly maintenance of the lawn can improve the curb appeal. Other small steps, such as painting the mailbox and planting new flowers, can also help. Even adding a doormat to the front step can make your rental property seem more welcoming. 

Work with a rental property management service to find other ways to increase the appeal of your property. Not only can the service provide you with ideas to improve your property, it can also help with finding the contractors needed to perform the work needed. To learn more, contact a rental property management company like Advanced Property Management