3 Essential Parts Of Window Air Conditioner Maintenance

Posted on: 2 June 2016

The comfort and sense of luxury provided by window air conditioners make them among the most beloved home appliances. Yet these positive qualities can quickly become undermined if you don't take proper care of your AC. If you would like to learn more about how to keep your air conditioner running strong, read on. This article will introduce you to three essential areas of maintenance.

Keep your air filter clean.

One of the nice things about window ACs is that, unlike their central air conditioning kin, their air filters are generally reusable. However, this requires that you clean them on a fairly regular basis--ideally once a month or so during summer months or other periods of heavy use.

Most air filters are accessed via the front of the AC. The filter should pull readily out of its slot. Let it soak for a little while in a sinkful of warm, soapy water. Then use your sink sprayer to rinse it clean. Stubborn areas of dirt may be loosened up with the use of a scrub brush. Once clean, allow the filter to dry thoroughly before reinstalling it in the machine.

Straighten out the condenser fins.

On the side of your AC that points out of the window is an array of thin metallic condenser fins. The purpose of these fins is to help displace the unwanted heat from inside of your house or apartment. Over time, these fins tend to take a beating, getting bumped, banged, and bent out of shape. Unfortunately, bent fins are much less efficient at transferring heat.

The good news is that straightening your fins isn't much more difficult than combing your hair, provided you have the right tool. Conveniently enough, the tool you will need is known as a fin comb. All you have to do is slot the teeth of the comb into place, and  draw this comb gently along the fins.

Remove built-up dust from the fans.

All window ACs come equipped with two fans. One of these is situated next to the evaporator, while the other is next to the condenser. They both serve to keep these important internal components from overheating and blowing out. As time goes on, they both also tend to accumulate gross buildups of dust and gunk. Oftentimes, the dust will escape past the air filter and end up being circulated with the cooled air.

Ensure cleaner air by washing off your air conditioner's fans from time to time. Because the delicate electrical components are sealed off, this task can easily be accomplished using a garden hose without causing any undue harm. 

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