Embellish A Plain, Glass Railing's Surface With An Etched Design

Posted on: 13 May 2016

Add an etched design to a plain, glass railing inside of your home to add aesthetic value and appeal. Once you have finished the project, the railing will have a unique appearance that will stand out and add a considerable amount of beauty to the inside of your home

Materials Needed

  • glass cleaner
  • soft cloth
  • cerium oxide
  • buffing cloth
  • towel
  • self-adhesive stencils
  • etching cream
  • plastic bowl
  • mixing stick
  • paintbrush
  • wet rag
  • bucket of water

​Clean And Buff The Glass Surface

Remove dirt and fingerprints from the glass railing's surface with glass cleaner and a soft cloth, and reduce the appearance of scratches in the glass surface by rubbing a buffing pad over them that has a few drops of cerium oxide added to it. Move the pad over the scratches in small circles while pressing down in a firm manner. Once the scratches have faded as much as you could get them to, rinse away any cerium oxide that remains with a damp cloth and dry the glass railing with a towel.

Add A Design To The Railing

Purchase self-adhesive stencils that depict a design that you prefer. A floral pattern or fancy swirls are a couple of ideas that may provide the railing with an attractive finish. Secure the patterns across various parts of the railing. Cover any imperfections that are still visible in the glass and use a ruler to assist with placing the stencils evenly across the railing.

Pour some etching cream into a plastic bowl. Mix the cream for a couple minutes to eliminate any air bubbles. Apply the cream to openings in each stencil with a paintbrush. Wait a few minutes for the cream to change the way that the glass looks. The glass that was covered with cream will have a cloudy appearance once this occurs.

Rinse The Cream From The Railing 

Dip a rag into a bucket of water and wring it out. Use the damp rag to remove the cream from the railing. Rinse the rag out as you complete this step so that cream that was previously removed is not reapplied to the railing's surface. Once the cream has been removed, wait for the etched sections to dry. Afterwards, remove the stencils. Dispose of any leftover cream. 

The glass railing will have an eye-catching appearance that you can enjoy on a daily basis. Keep it maintained by removing dirty residue from its surface with a soft cleaning cloth and mild detergent.

For more information, options, or assistance with your glass railing, contact railing installation companies, like California Reflections