3 Unique Privacy Fence Ideas To Add Security And Privacy To Your Home

Posted on: 23 March 2016

If you want to have more security and privacy for your home, adding a new fence can be a good investment. Instead of doing a plain fence, you may want to consider ideas that can also be aesthetically pleasing, such as adding greenery or integrating features like seating. If you want more from your investment in a new fence, here are some great-looking privacy fence ideas that you may want to consider:

1. Giving Your New Fence Privacy With A Green Screen

If you want to have a fence that offers privacy, this is usually a solid fence. You may want to have different designs that allow light through and offer little for privacy, such as a chain link fence. If you need to have an alternative solution to add privacy to your fence, you may want to consider adding a green screen with plants. This can be done with ground cover and climbing vines that you train to grow over the fence. Another option that you may want to consider is using evergreen shrubbery to cover your fence and give you privacy all year.

2. Get More Use From Your Fence With Integrated Features

If you have a limited amount of space, you may want to consider fence designs that also offer functionality. This can be done by integrating features like bench seating or a vertical garden into your fence. You may also want to use your fence as a backdrop for an outdoor cooking area and patio, which can help give you the privacy you need and a practical backyard cooking or kitchen area.

3. Use Unconventional Materials To Give Your Fence A Unique Look

In addition to practical solutions, you may want to consider some less conventional fence design ideas. This can be done by using materials that are not conventionally used in fences, such as adding glass features, which can be frosted to give your privacy. You can also use reclaimed materials like metal roofing, lumber or other waste. Decking materials can be another great solution to give your fence and attractive look with alternative materials. You can combine many of these different materials to create a unique fence design.

If you want to add privacy and aesthetics to your home, these are some ideas that can help with a new privacy fence. You can contact a fencing contractor and talk with them about using some of these ideas for your new privacy fence.

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