How To Fix Noisy Vinyl Siding

Posted on: 3 February 2016

Vinyl siding naturally contracts and expands as the temperature and UV exposure outside change. If vinyl siding in your home is improperly installed, it can cause a cracking or squeaking noise as it moves. This can wake you up in the middle of night, and, in general, is an unnecessary disturbance. Thankfully, fixing your vinyl siding so that it can move properly and noiselessly on the side of your home is a fairly simple process that requires a few basic tools and the right technique.

What You'll Need

You'll need a crowbar, a hacksaw, a hammer, and inch and a quarter roofing nails, all of which can be found at most hardware stores if you don't already have them at home. You may also need a step ladder, depending on the height the noisy siding is located at.

Finding the Noise

Vinyl siding that is properly nailed into the side of your home should move about a half inch. Gently grasp the bottom edge of each piece of siding and move it back and forth. If the siding does not move at all, that panel is a noise culprit. Test every board of siding to determine which ones need to be fixed.

Fixing the Noise

First, take the crow bar and gently shimmy the base of the board above the board that does not move, so that the boards unlock from each other.

Lift up the bottom edge of the board above the offending board, and locate the nails that fasten the unmoving board to the side of your home. The reason the board is squeaking is that it is nailed in too tightly, and thus other boards will rub against it as they move during periods of temperature change.

Use the hacksaw to cut through the nails holding the board to the side of your home. Then, take the hammer and new roofing nails, and hammer in a new nail immediately next to the old nail. Leave a slight gap between the nail head and the siding so that it can flex somewhat.

Repeat the above process for the rest of the nails holding that vinyl siding board in place. Once every nail has been replaced, lock the newly fixed board to the board above it by pulling the bottom edge of the above board down over the upper edge of the fixed board, so the ridges fasten into each other.

Repeat as needed for any other noisy vinyl siding boards.