Paint Your Chain Link Fence For A Desired Effect

Posted on: 18 November 2015

If you have a chain link fence around your yard and you don't like the bland coloring of it, you can easily paint it any color you want. Painting the fence the same color as the trim of your house can help tie it in to the house's style. Painting it the same color as the grass in your yard can make it less noticeable. Once you choose the color you want your fence to be, you can follow the instructions below to paint it yourself.

Remove any rust from the fence

If you have areas of rust on the fence, you want to remove them by using a wire brush. Spraying a primer on the areas where rust is known to occur will help to prevent it from coming back.

Lay something down to protect the grass

Take a large piece of plastic or cardboard and lay it on the ground opposite the side of the fence you are going to be painting first. If there is a little bit of wind blowing, take some rocks or bricks and place them on all four corners of the covering so it doesn't get blown upward and kick dirt onto the fresh paint.

Paint the fence

Make sure there isn't a lot of wind when you go to paint the fence. Also, it shouldn't be a very hot day or the paint can start to dry before it hits the fence. This will cause the paint job to look rough, and the paint can easily chip off.

Paint the fence from the top to the bottom, moving in a left to right motion. Once you have painted one entire side, do the same thing for the other side. Allow the paint to dry completely before you allow people to walk around the area where the fence is so you don't have to worry about dust, grass or leaves getting kicked up on the fence and sticking to the paint.

While painting your fence is a great way to get it looking the way you want, there are also other options available to you. If you would like to change the look of your fence in a way that also adds more privacy, you can get rolled wood fencing you roll along the fence and attach to it. There are also slats you can put through the fencing for extra privacy, which come in many styles and colors.

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