3 Foundation Problems And The Repairs That Can Correct The Damage

Posted on: 30 October 2015

Damage to the foundation of your home can be caused by different problems. Depending on the type of foundation you have, it may be due to static water pressure or it can be due to things like settling. The repairs that are needed for these problems will differ greatly. Here are some of the repairs that you may need for your foundation:

1. Settling Slab Foundations In Loose Soils

Settling slabs can have a lot of problems. This is common in areas with soft soils, such as deltas and swamps near the coast. There are several things that can be done to deal with these problems, such as installing tensioned concrete cables. This method consists of installing cables beneath the foundation and applying tension to them. The cables hold the concrete together as one piece to prevent uneven settling, which can cause cracks in your foundation. There are also pier systems, which can be driven beneath the footings of your foundation. The piers can also be used to jack up areas of your home that have already settled.

2. Cracks In Foundation Walls Of Crawl Space Foundations

Crawl space foundations can also have problems. These problems can be due to the settling of the foundation walls beneath your home. They can become cracked as your house settles, which can often happen with brick, stone and concrete block foundations. To repair these problems, the cracks in the walls will need to be fixed and support added to the footings. This can also include installing piers to support areas of weakness in your foundation.  With older homes that have had walls added to them, the walls may need to be temporarily removed and supporting footings added to the walls. This can be common in historic homes with pier systems that predate modern building codes.

3. Static Water Pressure Causing Damage To Basement Foundations

Static water pressure is another problem that can cause damage to home foundations. This is common with basement foundations because the walls are below grade levels. This is caused by groundwater that seeps against foundation walls and causes pressure. Eventually, the pressure can cause walls to crack and other structural problems. To fix this, you will need to have the cracks in foundation walls repaired. You may also want to do improvements to the drainage around your home to help prevent this type of foundation problem.

These are some of the repairs that you may need to have done for your foundation. If your home is in need of repair to prevent structural problems, contact a foundation repair service to help the problems evaluated and the find the right solutions.