Put More Thought Into Reusing And Recycling Your Construction Junk

Posted on: 14 September 2015

Renovation and remodeling projects create a lot of junk. Even a small project can produce a lot of debris that needs removal. Larger projects can create mini-landfills all on their own.

Contractors in charge of these projects need to learn how to best deal with the junk. It's no longer okay to dump it anywhere. Instead, you can recycle it, salvage it, or hire someone who can do those things for you.

Recycling Your Junk to Give it Life Elsewhere

Recycling is simply the right thing to do. This is especially true of many construction materials. Many construction materials, such as wood and metal can be recycled and immediately used again in another project or industry.

In addition, it's highly possible the jurisdiction you're working in legally requires you to recycle certain items. Or, the municipality makes it illegal to put certain things into a landfill. Throwing away certain things is almost always illegal if those things can possibly contain lead, asbestos, latex paints, or any other hazardous materials.

So yes, recycling is important in its own right. But, you also need to make sure that you're doing it right and in accordance with the local laws.

Salvage Your Junk to Make it Not Junk

Salvaging construction debris is a way to recycle materials back into your business, or project. Various materials are fully reusable. These materials aren't just reusable by others, but reusable specifically by you. For example, wood and lumber is definitely reusable for other projects. You can use castoff drywall to plug holes.

Sometimes, you can remove entire elements during a renovation to reuse those elements again. For example, instead of tearing down a wall with a window, you can remove that wall and window and reuse them for another project, or even for the same project depending on the nature of the job.

Of course, it's far simpler to tear it down than to surgically remove certain elements for future use. So you will have to weigh what you can get out of materials against the time and effort it takes to extract specific things. But if you can't use it, always recycle it.

Let a Third Party Figure it Out

If you want to cut out all the research and guesswork, you should hire a professional junk removal service like The Dump Guy. Many of them already know how to deal with various types of debris. They know where they can sell debris, where they can recycle it, and how to properly dispose of whatever's left.