How To Cut Out Like A Pro

Posted on: 11 August 2015

There are many great home remodels that are cost-effective and fun at the same time. Many DIYers want to invest in a home remodel that they can do on their own. One great home remodel that you can even do over the course of the weekend and involve your family is to repaint your interior walls. However, painting can be messy work, and it is not as simple as just brushing paint onto a wall. This article will explain how you can turn your paint job into a family project.

Getting the Family Involved

If you want to repaint your home as a family project, make sure that the adults do all the hard prep work. Mainly, the adults need to mask off the areas that you're not painting and they need to paint around the edges and corners of the walls (also called cutting out). It is best if you do the cutting out before you involve the children. When cutting out, paint at least 6 inches in from the edge of the wall. You can then have the children, using rollers or paint brushes paint up to the line that you created. By creating this little buffer zone beforehand, you can save yourself a lot of clean up later on.

The Key to Cutting Out

One thing you need to know about cutting out is that you cannot fully trust the tape. You cannot simply tape off a straight line and expect the tape to prevent paint from seeping underneath. You have experience, you can try to paint along the corners freehand. However, this technique does take some practice.

One clever way to get perfectly straight and clean lines is to use tape and spackle. Tape off the edges and corners like your normally would. Then, apply the spackle over the edge you are painting it. Just spread the spackle thinly with your fingers and push it down firmly. This will fill in the crevices underneath the paint, and it will seal the edge of the tape.

You can then paint over the tape line, even if the spackle is not fully dry. After you do the cutting out you can pull the tape away. You do not need to wait for the paint to dry. When you pull the tape away you will notice clean, straight lines. It'll look like your walls are painted by a professional. You can then brag to your friends that your whole family actually painted the walls!

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