How To Remove Old Baseboard Molding

Posted on: 15 June 2015

Installing new baseboard molding is a smart interior home remodel. It is a great remodel because baseboards can get dinged up over the years and show signs of their age. By installing new baseboard around the floor of your home you will be making your wall and your floors look much nicer and newer. It is a great remodel because it can add value to your home without costing a ton of money. You can make the project even more affordable by removing your old baseboard on your own. This will reduce your labor costs and make the installation go faster.

Removing the Old Baseboard

To remove baseboard from wooden, drywall or concrete walls, you will need a couple of thick flathead screwdrivers or chisels. Lightly hammer them beneath the molding and then pry them away. Do not gouge the drywall as you pry away. It may help to pry with multiple screwdrivers at once so you do not put too much pressure on one point of the drywall. You might also need a utility knife to cut away the old caulk and break the seal so it is easier to pry away. If you notice that there is some sort of adhesive beneath the baseboard, you will want to use a long knife to try and cut it away so it is easier to remove.

Preparing the Wall for Installation

Once the baseboard is removed from the wall you will need to scrape down the wall where it used to be. Just use a basic putty knife to remove any adhesive or caulk left on the wall. You do not need to remove it completely, just make sure it does not stick out so far that will affect the installation of the new baseboard. When choosing a new baseboard, it is also very helpful if you choose a product that is taller than your old product. This will cover the old caulk line and ensure that you do not need to repaint that area. 

If you take all of these steps, you can reduce the overall cost of new baseboard installation. You can call a contractor like Renew Construction, LLC and have them start installation immediately. They will not need to spend any time removing the old baseboard and clean up the mess. Make sure you get a discounted rate, because many baseboard installation quotes include the cost of the removal of the old baseboard.