Prepare For Whole Home Window Replacement With These Tips

Posted on: 15 April 2015

Restoring the exterior of your home can help add a substantial boost to its value, but the number of projects involved can be overwhelming. One project that is nearly a guarantee for a good investment is replacing the windows, since the energy savings could lead to cutting your energy bills $1000 a year or more.

If you've decided to hire professionals to replace the windows in your home, you can make the job easier by using the following tips.

Remove Window Treatments

The first thing you'll want to do when preparing the windows for replacement is taking down any window treatments. Not only will curtains, blinds, or shutters be in the way for the replacement work, they can also be damaged if they're left in.

Take Care of Security System

If you have a home security system installed that includes the windows of your home, it's important to remember that it needs to be shut off ahead of time. It can be time-consuming and even embarrassing to deal with your alarm system going off when the windows are being handled, making it a good idea to reach out to your security business before the window workers arrive.

Move Furniture Away from Windows

Furniture can be another problem for professionals to deal with, especially if anything is located close to the windows. By moving away furniture from the windows and into the center of the room, there will be plenty of space to work. 

Make Your Home Easy to Navigate

For larger homes, it can be confusing for the window replacement workers to find their way from room to room. Keeping doors shut and putting a sign up in rooms that don't need any replacement work is a good idea, along with keeping any pets away from the project areas.

Remove Nearby Wall Decorations

Along with removing any window treatments, you may be expected to take down shelves, artwork, or decorations that are near the windows. Not only could they be in the way, they could also be in danger of falling or getting damaged when the window replacement work is being done.

As you look into the various ways to prepare your home for window replacement (from an outlet such as Port Orchard Glass), it's a good idea to make sure that your home is ready. By getting the old windows stripped down and making changes to the layout of your home, you'll be able to ease the process involved with replacing the windows.