3 Neglected Maintenance Tasks That Could Easily Lead To Employee Safety Issues In Your Business

Posted on: 23 December 2014

When you are in the business of running an industrial factory that houses a lot of workers, you could spend the majority of your time trying to make sure that you keep every last employee safe. Proper training methods, machine usage, and attention to fire safety are all major concerns. However, all of the hustle and bustle of everyday business practices can easily lead to the neglect of common maintenance tasks that should be attended.

When it comes down to it, lack of building maintenance could easily cause a threat to the safety of your employees. Here are three of the most commonly neglected issues to consider:

Concrete Flooring Repair Issues

If you want to find a neglected safety concern, you should take a look at what lies below the feet of all of your employees. The concrete flooring that is used in a lot of industrial settings may be designed to stand up to the daily beating, but do not be surprised if cracks and pitting start to be apparent over time.

These issues pose a threat, especially the longer they are left unattended. The cracks can grow large enough to be a trip hazard and the lack of smooth surfacing is an issue with any equipment you have with wheels. Your concrete workfloor should be refinished as often as necessary to avoid such an issue.

Commercial Roofing Compromises

The flat roof, which s a common feature of the industrial building, is infamous for developing leaks when it is not maintained as it should be. Standing water can lead to compromises in the roofing material, which can then cause leaks. Water coming through the roof is a safety issue for a couple of reasons. Water in the path of workers could cause slipping and falls and water on some equipment can pose a serious threat. You should have your company's roof checked by a professional every year to ensure it is in good shape and no leaks are apparent.

Problems with Plumbing

When you are trying to create a safe workplace, unwanted water in any form is not a good thing. If you happen to have a small leak in a bathroom or other area where plumbing is located, it is all too easy to shrug it off as not that big of a deal. Yet even the smallest leak can be a huge safety concern. Keep plumbing working as it should by performing monthly checks on pipelines and fixtures.

The safest workplace of all is that which gets attention all the way around. This means that building maintenance is just as important as any other safety training plan you have in place. Make sure your employees are kept safe with the best maintenance practices in your commercial building.

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